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* Our factory is located in Lüleburgaz Kırklareli Turkiye
* Application channels; İşkur, online application and application in person.
*Applications by phone are not accepted.

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“Firm – Job Title – Working Time – Reason for Leaving”
Sample: Aker Dar Dokuma – Narrow Fabric Worker – 3 years – Retired

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“Institution – Subject – Date – Certified / Uncertified”.
Sample: Kızılay – First Aid – 2019 – Certified
“Language – Reading – Writing – Speaking”.
Sample: Turkish – intermediate – pre-intermediate – elementary.
“Name – Type – Degree of Use – Duration of Use”.
Sample: Logo – Accounting – Good – 4 years.

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Sample; Blood pressure, sugar, asthma etc.Sample; Heart disease, Meniscus, etc.

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