Aker Narrow Fabric and Yarn Corp.

Plain Narrow Fabric

Plain narrow fabric products that are; designed with mechanical possibilities and narrow weaving techniques, produced with different yarn derivatives, denier and color combinations. In plain narrow fabric products, yarn types such as polypropylene, polyester, cotton, nylon, satin, linen and additives such as glitter, fishing line, latex and phosphorus are preferred. Polypropylene yarn receives the most intense and widespread attention due to its technical features.

Polypropylene yarn, pp or polyp yarn with alternative names; it is the most hygienic yarn compared to other yarn derivatives, except cotton. It stands out especially in terms of its moisture-repellent feature and its lack of carcinogenic substances,  it does not cause allergy due to its sweat-freeness, and it does not cause asthma problems because it does not dust. In addition to its positive hygienic properties; It also attracts attention with its lightness, usefulness, stain and dirt-repellent properties. It ensures that the polypropylene yarn is dyed at the time of manufacture, it does not experience the problems occurring in the yarns that are subsequently dyed, and that it is nature-friendly due to the fact that it does not go through the dyeing-washing process. At the recycling point, polypropylene yarn performs better than other yarn types.

Plain narrow fabric products  appears in many different areas in our daily life. Such as; home and apparel textiles, furniture industry, aircraft industry, bag hold handles and interior apparatuses, woven watch straps, neck card / ID hangers, boxer tires, waist belts, seat belts, work safety materials, automotive materials, high-tech products, medical and  sports equipment, roller blind ropes and tree binding apparatus.  It can be seen in the stylish box of a delicious chocolate, or in the costumes of a theater show we love, medical operations, school bags of our children and even in space technologies.

Plain narrow fabric products, which are generally preferred as single color due to their simple and elegant appearance, serve us for a long time with their durable structures. In line with the demands; It can be made resistant to abrasion, rot, sun rays, heat, load and weight, as well as a more attractive image with additives such as sim and line, and a safe structure by shining in a lightless environment with the contribution of phosphorus.

In addition to the pattern studies we have developed in order to contribute to the product differentiation studies of our customers, we are constantly carrying out different pattern studies to contribute to the sectoral development.

Although plain narrow fabric products create a wide working area with endless pattern possibilities with different yarn derivatives, denier and color combinations, the opportunities and advantages offered by technology to every sector show itself in the narrow weaving sector with its jacquard narrow weaving technology that allows logo, brand and slogan studies.