Aker Narrow Fabric and Yarn Corp.

Narrow Fabric

Tapes, Labels & Webbings

Weaving Quality, Designing Elegance


We produce jacquard or plain narrow fabric products suitable for your usage and needs with the technical specifications and our design work you have chosen.


We provide narrow fabric pre-samples according to your technical specifications, quality standards, manufacturing processes  and  deadline needs.



We provide industrial and commercial applications. Ranging from occupational safety, home textiles, automative, recreational, medical, marine, aviation and many more.

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About Us

Our Kırklareli narrow weaving facility is established on 27.450m² open and 3600m² closed area.  Our annual manufacture capacity is equivalent to 250 times of wrap around the world. 

As Aker Narrow Fabric we have always invested in sustanablity and for this reason; in our procurement processes, we have always adopted an approach that prioritizes environmentally friendly manufacturing and recycling.

Since 1983, we continue to serve our customers by manufacturing jacquard and plain narrow woven products depending on many different yarn types such as polypropylene, polyester, cotton, nylon. We also manufacture rubber, glitter, line and phosphorus added narrow fabrics.

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