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About Us

About Us

Aker Narrow Woven Fabric, which was founded by Hasan Nuri Aker, who came to Istanbul with his family in 1960 and started to manufacture watch bands. In 1983, he and his son changed their business sector to narrow weaving. And today, our company continues to provide service to our customers with its 3600 mt² closed area narrow weaving facility established on an open area of 27.450 mt² in Kırklareli and two sales points in Istanbul, Turkiye.

We mainly manufacture technical narrow woven fabrics for special sectors.  And also we continue to manufacture our sector standard portfolio products such ascomprised plain narrow woven and jacquard narrow woven fabrics. Such as columns, rubber, tape, piping, bandolier and etc.

There is at least one narrow woven product used in visible or invisible areas at every point of our life to obtain our health, safety, comfort and happiness. Seat belts that ensure our life safety, tapes that decorate our gifts, textiles used in medical equipment and operations and products preferred in space technology are just a few of them.

With this responsibility and awareness, we are constantly working to make the traces left by narrow woven fabric products on our modern life even more distinct than before with quality and original touches.

Our working policy is to manufacture products that meets with our customers’ desired technical features, quality standards and expectations on time and on-site with a reasonable price.


At the point of customer satisfaction; we use all our means in order to respond to every different quality demand above our basic quality standards that have been formed over the years, exactly as desired.

With our production processes focused on efficiency – function – quality – price index, we aim for our customers to experience more smooth, waste-free and enjoyable processes in the production of their own products. We think that every problem and waste that we and our customers can avoid in the manufacturing processes is an invisible gain for our world.

We believe that everything is for human beings. as Aker Narrow Woven Fabric, we work and cooperate with our suppliers and customers together, to serve end users. We think that each plus we can add to the originality, quality and visuality of our customers’ products is actually a service to our world and humanity. For this reason, we are proud of our contribution to each and every product of our customers that reaches the end user.

We continue our efforts to implement our environmentally friendly manufacturing policy more effectively and efficiently in procurement, manufacturing, sales and after-sales points and to realize the understanding of zero waste. We are aware that by consuming the present, we cannot exist in the future, and we cannot build tomorrow without saving today.

While working for our world, country, people and industry, we do not ignore our social, humanitarian and national responsibilities. We are pleased and proud to support social responsibility projects and humanitarian aid activities in the presence of various organizations around the world.

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