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About Us

About Us

The founder of Aker Narrow Woven Fabrics Hasan Nuri Aker came to Istanbul with his family in the 1960’s. His first business venture was manufacturing watch bands and after many years and experience he and his son decided in 1983 to change their business to narrow weaving. Today, Aker Narrow Woven Fabrics is built on a 3600 mt² closed area. The facility is established on an open area of 27.450 mt² in Kırklareli and has two sales points in Istanbul, Turkiye.

Our facility manufactures technical narrow woven fabricfor special sectors. We have been at the forefront of continuing to manufacture the sectors standard portfolio products; plain narrow woven fabric and jacquard narrow woven fabrics (i.e columns, rubber, tape, piping and bandolier).

Narrow woven products are a part of our everyday life. Every one of us can come up with at least one product being used for health or safety reasons as well as for comfort or happiness.

The use of seat belts that ensure our safety, tapes that decorate our gifts, textiles used as part of medical equipment and in operations as well as products preferred in space technology. All of these are quality touches of narrow woven fabrics in our lives.

At Aker Narrow Woven Fabrics we work to manufacture the products that meet customers’ needs. Our team works tirelessly to produce the technical features, quality standards and to meet expectations on time and on-site with a reasonable price cost. Years of experience has allowed us to exceed quality standards and this has helped maintain our customer loyalty. Our production processes focus on efficiency in product functionality, quality and price index. We provide our customers with a streamline experience, also integrating a waste-free approach.

At Aker Dar Dokuma we believe that by consuming the present, we cannot exist in the future and that we cannot build tomorrow without saving today. It is for this reason, with the awareness of our social and national responsibilities, we support local and international authorised humanitarian foundations.

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