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Jacquard Narrow Woven Fabric

Jacquard Narrow Woven Fabric

By jacquard narrow weaving, it is possible to process logo, brand, slogans and desired shapes on the products. Thus, products that are more remarkable and more focused on the desired benefit come out. Jacquard woven products do not only provide physical use and benefit, but also serve as a promotional and advertising material in their area and most importantly at the time of use.

In the process of manufacturing jacquard woven products, firstly;

  • Brand, logo, slogan, text, motto or patterns to be embroidered on the product should be determined,
  • The size, color, thickness and touch of the products and patterns should be determined according to the area of use and to ensure optimum visibility on the product,
  • Yarn types and deniers should be determined,
  • Its suitability should be confirmed by conducting a pre-design study,
  • Requested corrections and changes should be made,

and then the product manufacturing should be started.

Due to its wide application area and possibilities, stylish and high quality images, jacquard narrow weavings are preferred by our customers who want to differentiate their products from competitors and to position the market; It is also considered as a supportive implementation element in brand building, promotion, awareness raising processes, brand integrity studies, corporate identity and culture creation, marketing and advertising activities.

Computer-aided jacquard narrow weaving technology is used in the application of brands, logos and slogans to narrow woven products due to the inadequacy of mechanical facilities. The yarns used during the manufacture of the narrow woven product are animated according to the pattern design previously prepared on the pattern program and loaded on the jacquard weaving machine, and the desired logo, slogans and patterns are created on the product.

Jacquard weaving; They are products manufactured on a jacquard narrow weaving machine by using different yarn derivative, denier and color combinations of patterns prepared with narrow weaving techniques and computer technology. The fact that the narrow woven product is realized at the time of manufacture and integrated with the original structure of the product is the point where it differs from secondary applications such as printing works.

In printing works, the narrow woven products produced are subjected to a secondary process and generally dyed printing process is performed on them. Since it is applied as a second process, although it looks beautiful at first sight, it is poor in quality and life is short. Printing applications have some disadvantages both during and after the process. Problems such as color integrity, shedding, fading and fading over time are experienced. As a result, it is a process applied later on the existing product.

Jacquard weaving applications, as mentioned above, have the same quality as the product itself as it is integrated with the product itself and has a life equivalent to the product in terms of life.

The most important and fundamental difference from printing works is that this is not a secondary application. Because every application to be made on the product means the product that is yarn-based will wear out. Due to the absence of this secondary application, the problems experienced in printing applications are not experienced, and the optimum result is achieved in terms of quality and life.

As in plain narrow woven fabric products; Generally, yarn types such as polypropylene, polyester, cotton, nylon, satin, linen and additives such as sim, fishing line, latex and phosphorus are preferred. The most intense and widespread interest is polypropylene yarn, which is also subject to pp yarn or polyp yarn due to its technical features.

Jacquard woven products in our daily life;

  • home textile materials,
  • clothing textiles and accessories,
  • furniture industry,
  • seat belts,
  • aircraft and aviation industry,
  • bag handles and internal apparatus,
  • woven watch straps,
  • neck cards and ID hangers,
  • men’s underwear (boxer) tires,
  • waist belts,
  • work safety equipment and supplies,
  • automotive industry,
  • high technology products,
  • sports equipment,
  • louver ropes,
  • food industry,
  • packing materials,

It appears in many different areas such as camping and tent equipment.

For example; It can be seen in the stylish box of a delicious chocolate that will make our loved ones happy, as well as in the costumes of a theater show we love, medical devices and equipment, our children’s school bags, toys and dresses, our company’s ID card collars, concerts and events we attend, and even space technologies.

You can contact us via our contact page in order to make the necessary preliminary examination before the production of your jacquard woven products, to determine the optimum technical features and to evaluate our offers in the quality-price index that suits your needs.

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