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Plain Narrow Woven Fabric

Plain Narrow Woven Fabric

Plain narrow woven fabric is the product of which pattern studies are created by using mechanical facilities and narrow weaving techniques. Visual and touch diversity is provided with different yarn derivative, denier and color combinations. In these woven products, yarn types such as polypropylene, polyester, cotton, nylon, satin, linen and additives such as sim, fishing line, latex and phosphorus are preferred. In line with the demands; It can be made resistant to abrasion, decay, sunlight, heat, weight and weight bearing, even burning.

Plain narrow woven fabric products, which are generally preferred as single or double colors due to their simple and elegant appearance, serve us for a long time with their durable structures. Products such as narrow woven column, narrow woven piping, narrow woven band, narrow woven bandolier are these types of weaving.

In addition to the pattern studies we have developed in order to contribute to the product differentiation studies of our customers, we are constantly carrying out different pattern studies in order to contribute to the sectoral development. To get more detailed information about our current pattern types and products, you can contact us via our contact page regarding the production of products according to the features you need.

Cotton plain narrow woven fabrics

They are products manufactured with raw cotton or thread, which is defined as sewing thread. It is generally used in belt manufacturing, underwear and outerwear textiles, shoes and accessories sectors. Besides being healthy, they are also preferred because of their soft touch.

Although color variety can be provided, it is used extensively in natural ecru color. Although they can be used with different yarn derivatives, they are rarely and when necessary.

Polyester plain narrow woven fabrics

 It is heavier than other products due to its high specific gravity. It is preferred at the points where strength is desired, in areas where brightness and slipperiness will be differentiated by processes such as finishing, heat and crushing.

Elastic plain narrow woven fabrics

They are products that have latex added and give flexibility and recovery properties. These products are generally used in different areas such as men’s underwear, hanger manufacturing, providing natural shrinkage in bags and dresses.

Silvery plain narrow woven fabrics

In addition to the main production yarn type of the product, they are the products that are woven with the use of silvery yarn that provides a silvery effect to a specified area of ​​the product. These products, whose visual density can be adjusted according to the usage rate, are generally preferred in school bag columns, toy columns and bindings, ornaments and jewelry, ready-made clothing accessories, shoes and areas where narrow woven bands will be used.

Phosphorousplain narrow woven fabrics

Unlike narrow fabrics with reflectors, they are products that glow not when light is reflected on them, but in a completely non-light environment. They give out the light, which they absorb during the time they see light, in non-light environments. Because of these features, it is generally preferred in work safety and extreme sports equipment, ready-to-wear industry and accessories.

Polypropylene plain narrow woven fabrics

Polypropylene narrow fabrics receive the most intense and widespread interest, as they offer the widest range of use due to their technical features.

Polypropylene yarn, which is considered to be the lightest and most useful yarn in the textile industry. It is also named as pp yarn and polyp yarn.

Polypropylene yarn has a hygienic structure that does not cause allergic reactions. Moisture caused by sweat and similar reasons is thrown out thanks to its breathing structure, it does not hold moisture and water, and does not contain dirt and stains so its not cause asthma problems . It is in a more advantageous position than many other yarn derivatives in terms of conversion to nature and reusability. It ensures that the polypropylene yarn is dyed at the time of manufacture, it does not experience the problems occurring in the yarns that are subsequently dyed, and that it is nature-friendly due to the fact that it does not go through the dyeing-washing process. At the recycling point, polypropylene yarn performs better than other yarn types.

These plain narrow woven fabric products in our daily life; home and clothing textile, furniture industry, aircraft industry, bag holding handles and internal apparatus, woven watch straps, neck card / ID hangers, boxer elastics, waist belts, seat belts, work safety equipment, automotive supplies, high-tech products, medical and It appears in many different areas such as sports equipment, shutter ropes, tree attachments. It can be seen in the stylish box of a delicious chocolate, as well as in the costumes of a theater show we love, medical operations, land, air and sea transportation, our children’s school bags and even space technologies.

In addition, although plain narrow weaving products create a wide working area with the possibility of endless pattern work by different yarn derivatives, denier and color combinations, the possibilities and advantages offered by technology to every sector are also seen in the narrow weaving sector, which is jacquard narrow weaving technology.

We recommend that you do the necessary research and examination by using the basic information before procuring plain narrow woven fabric product you need. If you have a sample for the manufacture of your woven product with the most accurate technical features, it will be the most accurate way to examine this sample first. If you do not have a sample, you can contact us via our contact page in order to determine the technical requirements suitable for your area of use in the most optimum way.

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