Aker Narrow Woven Fabric and Yarn Corp.

Plain and Jacquard
Narrow Woven Fabrics

Tapes, Ribbons, Labels, Pipings

Technical Narrow Woven Fabrics

What we manufacture

We mainly manufacture plain, jacquard and technical narrow woven fabric products, according to the quality needs and chosen product specifications of our clients. At Aker Dar Dokuma, we provide a rich variety of narrow woven fabric pattern design.

How we manufacture

We prepare sample designs in accordance with our clients manufacturing processes, technical specification demands and quality standards. Once our clients have approved samples, we ensure that our team meets clients' deadlines.

Who we manufacture for

We supply to a wide range of sectors from occupational health & safety, transportation, medical, military, automotive, aviation and marine industries. Our products are also found in home textiles, clothing and bags, undergarments, sports and pet supplies.

Aker Narrow Woven Fabric

Our Kırklareli narrow weaving factory is built on 27.450mt² open and 3600mt² closed area. Our annual narrow woven fabric manufacturing capacity is equivalent to covering the earths circumference.

Since 1983, we have been using a rich array of yarns such as polypropylene, polyester, cotton and nylon. Depending on the manufacturing needs, additives may be used to enhance safety and aesthetic use. These additives include latex, glitter, fishing line, phosphor as well as more technical ones used to obtain resistance to abrasion, decay, sunlight, heat, weight and weight bearing (even burning).

Aker Narrow Woven Fabric employ enviromentally friendly manufacturing and recycling standards at our premises.

Range of Machines

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