Aker Narrow Fabric and Yarn Corp.

Plain and Jacquard
Narrow Woven Fabrics

Tapes, Ribbons, Labels, Pipings

Technical Narrow Woven Fabrics

What we manufacture

We manufacture plain and jacquard narrow woven fabrics products by combining yarn derivatives that are suitable for your usage area and your needs with the technical features you have determined and our design work you choose.

How we manufacture

We prepare pre-sample designs in accordance with your manufacturing processes, technical specification demands and quality standards. And then we manufacture the design you choose in accordance with your deadline needs.

Who we manufacture for

We strive to serve in a wide range of areas from occupational safety, transportation, military and medical products, home textiles, clothes, bags, underwear, sports and pet supplies to the automotive, aviation and marine industries.

Aker Narrow Woven Fabric

In our Kırklareli weaving facility, which is established on 27.450mt² open and 3600mt² closed area, which has an annual woven fabrics manufacturing capacity that can surround the world; starting from our procurement processes, we adopt an approach that prioritizes environmentally friendly manufacturing and recycling.

Since 1983, by using many different yarn types such as polypropylene, polyester, cotton, nylon and different additives such as latex (rubber), glitter, fishing line, phosphor, we manufacture jacquard and plain narrow woven fabrics to continue to serve our customers and their needs.

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