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Privacy and Cookies


Cookie Policy

As Aker Dar Dokuma ve İplik San. A.S. we use cookies, pixels, GIFs, etc. for purposes such as facilitating, improving, accelerating, ensuring security during your use of our websites and all similar online or offline media that we offer and offer to you. We make use of some technologies. All these technologies are used within the framework of the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (“KVKK Law”) and other laws that we are subject to.

The purpose of this Privacy and Cookie Policy Text you are reading is; to inform you about the use, processing and storage of personal data through the technologies mentioned during the use of our platforms by you. Information will also be given about the purposes for which cookies are used and the management of cookies.

Aker Dar Dokuma ve İplik San. A.S. we can abandon the cookies we are currently using, start using new cookies or abandon the use of cookies altogether. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the provisions of this clarification text at any time. Every change we make on the Privacy and Cookies Policy; It will come into effect when we publish it on the relevant page of our website or in any public medium. The last update date will be indicated at the end of the text.

Privacy and Cookies Policy abbreviations:

Aker Dar Dokuma ve İplik San. A.S. : “Aker Narrow Fabric and Yarn Corp.”, “Aker Narrow Fabric”, “Aker”, “Company” or “Firm”,

Our website (akerdardokuma.com): “site”, “website”, “web page”, “internet page”,

Online and external channels: “Virtual platform”, “platform”,

Privacy and Cookies Policy Text: “Clarification text”, “text”, “policy”,

All data collection technologies used within the website: “cookies”, “cookies”

What is a cookie

Websites use text-based and completely harmless cookies named files to eliminate the burden of repeating the same operations during each visit of the visitors, and through these files, they store some data on the device and browser the visitor is using.

For example; When you fill out a contact form and visit the same form page again in the following days, your previously entered data is remembered by cookies. This remembering process is provided not by the site’s saving of your data, but by saving the relevant data in the cookie files created on your device. Thus, you do not have to do the same operations over and over again. If you delete the relevant cookie file from your device, this remembering process will also terminate.

This data is kept on your device (via your browser) thanks to the relevant cookie file in order to eliminate the burden of reloading the photos, text and codes of a site you visit, which are not frequently changed, on your next visit and to enable you to access faster. In this way, the relevant site is loaded and available to you faster.

All internet browsers are set up by default, set to accept cookies automatically. At any time, you can delete the relevant cookies via the settings menu of your browser or through your device settings or prevent the use of cookies completely.

Types of cookies and their purpose of use

Cookies are of two types, permanent and temporary, depending on their validity period. Temporary cookies are deleted by your browser as soon as you close your browser, while permanent cookies remain on your device permanently until you delete them. In addition, websites can set expiration dates for persistent cookies. If such a date has been determined; The relevant cookie is not used on the specified date but is not deleted. A new cookie file is created at the moment of revisiting the relevant site. Thus, the refreshed fixed contents of the relevant site will also be displayed on your browser.

Cookies required for performance and evaluation; Cookies that help improve the website and provide better service to visitors. These types of cookies collect information about the use of the site by visitors, are used to check whether the site is functioning properly, to apply security principles and to detect errors.

Targeting and advertising cookies, on the other hand, are used to promote products and services on the website or other media, to show you relevant and personalized advertisements with the collaborating partners, and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Which cookies do we use

Our website (akerdardokuma.com) uses cookies for performance, measurement and security purposes only. You can review the detail table about the cookies used below.

Privacy and Cookies Policy - Aker Narrow Woven Fabric and Yarn Corp.
Completely blocking the use of cookies will not adversely affect your use of our site. For example, you can easily use your browser’s incognito mode feature or cookie blocking add-ons and applications. However, blocking cookies completely may prevent the use of other websites partially or completely.

You can use the Cookie Management Information section at the end of the Privacy and Cookies Policy to learn how to manage cookies through your browser.

Our website is for performance analysis such as persistent cookies, debugging processes, increasing the speed of the visit and facilitating the visit, as well as the frequency of the visits, the most visited pages, the detection of the referral page that provides the visit, security operations based on the visitor’s ip address, and similar visitor-oriented analyzes. is used for. Depending on the services received from third parties (such as Google, Yandex, Facebook, Youtube), cookies may be used.

You can get information about third party information about related cookies from the Cookie Management Information section at the end of the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Your privacy and security rights are our basic principle. In this context, you can review our Terms and Conditions.

In the following sections; You can get information about how to manage your personal data that you have voluntarily provided via cookies or through cookies. You can contact us on our contact for your requests regarding the nature and destruction of all your personal data you have previously provided.

We collent how and which data

Cookies are used for the legitimate interest of our company in electronic environment due to your visit and use of our website and to collect information for the purposes specified in this disclosure text within the scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in the relevant articles of the law, and the collected information is processed. Data is collected through your devices through which you access browsers. This information collected is specific to the device. It can be deleted by the user at any time and access to information can be closed.

Within the scope of Turkish KVKK law; Your personal data may be processed in line with your consent where required by the legislation, otherwise without your consent, in line with the above purposes.

Performance and security based cookies are used on our site. These cookies; Both first-party cookies (placed by the site you are visiting) and third-party cookies (placed by servers other than the site you visit) are used.

Cookies generally use for;
    • analyzing the site, increasing its performance, and determining errors and problems. For example, determining the number of site visitors and the frequency of their visits, and accordingly making performance and design settings.

    • to make the site more functional and easy to use. For example, posting to third party social media platforms on the Site.

    • applying the relevant security principles to ensure the safety of the site and visitors.

Note: Cookies can also be used in order to increase performance, to ensure safe, easy, fast, uninterrupted and complete data transmission during the use of our application with CV and contact pages.

You can learn how to manage, partially or completely block cookie files via the links given under the heading “Cookie Management Information” of Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Application with CV and Contact pages

The data you share with us with your own consent through the application with CV and contact pages on our site are used only depending on your relevant sharing issues and by the points that have been delimited by the legislation.

This information is not shared with any third party persons or institutions.

You can contact us via our contact page regarding issues such as deletion, change or correction of errors.

Is your data shared

No data we collect through cookies or form pages during your use of our site is shared with third party persons or institutions.

All data, especially personal data obtained through forms; visitors and Aker Dar Dokuma ve İplik San. A.S. between. The products of major platforms such as Google, Yandex, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube are used in order to collect analysis data and also to provide some services on our site, and data are collected through these institutions. You can access the own Privacy and Cookies Policy of the relevant platforms on their respective sites.

Internet browsers are predefined to automatically accept cookies. You can learn how to manage, partially or completely block Cookie files through the links given under the “Cookie Management Information” heading of the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

How long we keep your data

Data generated and shared through site analysis data and form pages; Depending on the legal obligations of the relevant subjects and the result to be achieved, they are kept for different periods.

You can contact us at any time via our contact to delete, change or correct errors.

What are your rights over your data

Your rights as data owners in accordance with the Turkish Law are as follows;
    • Learning whether your personal data is being processed,
    • Requesting information if your personal data has been processed,
    • Learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether it is used appropriately,
    • Learning whether your personal data is transferred to third party persons or institutions domestically or abroad,
    • Requesting correction of your personal data in case of incomplete, incorrect or incorrect processing,
    • To request the deletion or destruction of your personal data due to the disappearance of the reasons for processing, although it has been processed in accordance with the Turkish Law and other related laws,
    • To request the compensation of the damage in case of unlawful processing of personal data and damage.
You can reach us via the contact of our website regarding your requests.

Cookie Management Information

Below are useful links about the most used internet browsers, social platforms and search engines. You can also get more detailed information from the About Cookies page.

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