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Narrow Woven Fabric

Narrow Woven Fabric

When we look carefully at all our living spaces and the items we use, we see narrow woven fabric products contribute to us at the most basic points such as convenience, elegance, comfort and safety. Most of the time, these modest products, which do not attract our attention or even be seen, play an active role in meeting our most basic needs.

Among the roles they assumed;

  • Vehicle seat belts that save the lives of our loved ones,
  • Home textile products that add comfort, function and beauty to home life,
  • Clothing textile and accessory products that show personality, character and tastes in the most distinctive way,
  • Furniture indispensable for home, workplace and garden comfort,
  • The belongings of our pet friends that add color to life with their presence,
  • The materials used in space technology, the peak of pushing and exceeding the limits,
  • Bags that carry all the burden of life with us and protect our private, business and educational materials,
  • The symbol of travel, new beginnings and reunions, our companions are suitcases,
  • Occupational safety equipment that ensures safety in the most difficult working environments and connects us to life,
  • Camping equipment that brings us together with nature,
  • Fastening apparatus of large vehicles that enable safe transportation on long and difficult journeys,
  • Yacht and nautical equipment that combines challenging struggles and calm cruises,
  • Motorized and non-motorized land, air, sea and underwater extreme sports equipment that add adrenaline and adventure to life,
  • Military equipment and supplies at the center of homeland security,
  • Clothing textiles and toys for our most precious children,
  • Orthopedic and medical products that allow our elderly and patients to breathe,
  • Beds are indispensable for a peaceful sleep,
  • Hunting equipment,
  • Photography and camera sector materials that enable us to live our happiest moments over and over again,
  • Written or unwritten men’s underwear,
  • Many different usage areas, sectors, equipment and materials can be considered, such as the materials of the construction industry that provide our warm nests.

In the production of our products, we use the experience we have gained from all these areas to achieve better quality, smoothly usable, functional and cost-effective results. We are aware that when it comes to the needs of our customers, we have to understand, interpret and meet the needs of our customers.

The primary issue in the manufacture of narrow woven fabric products is to supply the appropriate raw material, namely the yarn. Today, the right yarn cannot be defined only as yarns that can be used without problems in manufacturing processes, have the most appropriate physical conditions for the product that is intended to be manufactured, and that promise minimum waste. It is a criterion in itself that the yarn to be used is primarily and especially not carcinogenic. Fulfillment of this criterion constitutes a certain quality and cost index.

Another important factor is that the yarn to be used in the production of the product is not allergic due to the surfaces it will come into contact with.

Narrow woven fabric products can be divided into different subcategories. Sectoral classifications can be made, as well as many different sub-categories such as raw materials, additives, usage areas, product names.

As Aker Narrow Woven Fabric Corp.  we are manufacturing;

  • According to its technological features; plain narrow weaving can be classified using mechanical facilities, and jacquard narrow weaving can be classified as products manufactured using computer technology supported facilities.

  • According to the product types; They are generally divided into different categories such as column, tire, strip, piping, bandolier within the sector. Narrow woven fabric column weight, thick and strong products, narrow woven fabric products with elastic capability, narrow woven fabric tapes, low weight, thin but tightly woven products, narrow woven tape, also low weight, thin, elegant looking, generally made of cotton yarn and in jacquard. The narrow woven bande represents the products manufactured in Turkey, and the weight and heavy products that we are familiar with from military materials.

  • According to usage areas; It can be divided into categories such as bell column, boxer tire, suspension tire, super tire, belt column, hat strip, work safety belt, tent column, shutter rope, leash column, various purpose bindings.

  • In terms of technical features; Due to the thread and additives used, they can be classified as cotton, nylon, sewing thread, lurex, fishing line, polypropylene narrow weaving, polyester narrow weaving, cotton narrow weaving, sewing thread narrow weaving, and hose and herringbone weaving according to the pattern types.

We recommend that you do the necessary research and examination by using the basic information before procuring the narrow woven fabric product you need. If you have a sample for the manufacture of your woven product with the most accurate technical features, it will be the most accurate way to examine this sample first. If you do not have a sample, you can contact us via our contact page in order to determine the technical requirements suitable for your area of use in the most optimum way.

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