Aker Narrow Fabric and Yarn Corp.

About Us

Our company was founded by Hasan Nuri Aker who came to Istanbul with his family in 1960 and started the production of watch belts.  In 1983, he and his son changed the sector to narrow weaving manufacturing. Today, our company continues to provide service with its 3600 mt² closed area narrow weaving facility established on an open area of ​​27.450 mt² in Kırklareli and two sales points in Istanbul, Turkiye.

We mainly manufacture technical narrow fabrics for special sectors. And also, we continue to manufacture our sectors standard portfolio products comprised of jacquard and plain narrow fabrics.

Our working policy aims to; deliver quality products on time that meet customer standards,  expectations and with reasonable cost.        

We apply an environmentally friendly manufacturing policy from the stages of raw material procurement, manufacturing to sales and after sales. We also adhere to zero waste regulations. As part of our social responsibility practices,  we support humanitarian projects in various local and international organizations.

About Us
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