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As Aker Dar Dokuma ve İplik San. A.Ş. at our websites, digital medias and all of our similar online or offline channels we use cookies, pixels, GIFs, etc. for purposes such as facilitating, developing, speeding up, ensuring security during your use or visit. All these technologies are used depending on The Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 of Turkiye and European General Data Protection Regulation Law we are subject to.

The purpose of this Privacy and Cookie Policy you are reading is to inform you about the use, processing and storage of personal data through the technologies mentioned during the use of our platforms. You will be informed about the purposes for which cookies are used and the management of these cookies.

As Aker NarrowFabric, we can give up using the cookies that we currently use, start using new cookies or give up the useage  of cookies completely. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the provisions of this Text at any time. Every change we make in the text will come into force when we publish it on the relevant page of our website or in any public platform. The last update date will be indicated at the end of the Text.

Policy references;

    • Aker Dar Dokuma ve İplik San. A.Ş. :  “Aker Narrow Weaving”, “Aker Narrow Fabric”, “Aker Dar Dokuma”, “Aker” or “Company”)
    • Our website: “Site”  or “website / page”
    • Online/offline all media channels: “Virtual Platform” or “platform”
    • The Personal Data Protection Law of Turkiye No. 6698 : PDPL
    • European General Data Protection Regulation: GDPR
    • Privacy and Cookie Policy : Text or Policy

Websites; in order to eliminate the burden of repeating the same operations during each visit of the visitors, they use text-based and completely harmless cookie files and store some data on the visitor device through these files. For example; when you fill out a contact form and visit the same form page again in the coming days, remembering your previously entered data is done through cookies. This recall is not provided by the site saving your data, but by saving the relevant data in the cookie files created on your device. In this way, you will have the convenience of not repeating the same operations all over again.

In order to prevent the unchanged photos, texts and codes of a site you visit from being reloaded on your next visit, this data is kept on your device (via your browser) thanks to the relevant cookie file. In this way, the relevant site loads faster and available to you.

All internet browsers are installed by default, set to accept cookies automatically. You can delete cookies related to your browser’s settings menu at any time or completely prevent the useage of cookies.

Cookies are of two types; *permanent and *temporary, depending on their validity period. *Temporary cookies are deleted by your browser the moment you close your browser, but other *persistent cookies remain permanently on your device until you delete them. However, websites can set a validity date for persistent cookies. If such a date is determined; If the relevant cookie is specified, it is no longer available but is not deleted. A new cookie file is created upon revisiting the relevant site.

If you completely block the use of cookies, using our site will not adversely affect your performance. For example, you can use your browser’s private mode or cookie-blocking plugins and applications easily. However, the complete blocking of cookies may partially or completely block the use of other websites.

You can find details about how to manage, delete and prevent cookies through your browser under the “Cookie Management Information” heading.

Our website uses both temporary and permanent cookies. Permanent cookies are used for performance analysis such as site performance, debugging operations, increasing the speed of the visit and facilitating the visit, as well as for the frequency of visits, the most visited pages, the detection of the referral page that provides the visit, the security transactions based on the visitor’s IP address, and similar visitor-oriented analysis. Cookies (such as Google, Yandex, Facebook, Youtube) can be used depending on the services received from third parties.

According to the legitimate interests of our company in the electronic environment, during your visit we use some cookies specified in the relevant articles of the Law to collect information for the purposes outlined in this policy.

Within the scope of PDPL, your personal data may be processed in line with your consent where necessary in accordance with the legislation. Otherwise it can be processed for the above purposes without your consent.

Our site uses cookies mainly focused on performance. These cookies are; both first-party cookies (placed by the site you visit) and third-party cookies (placed by servers other than the site you visit).

Related cookies are mainly used for;

      • purposes such as analyzing the site, increasing the performance, identifying errors and problems. For example, determining the number of visitors, frequency of visitors, adjusting the performance and design accordingly.
      • making the site more functional and easy to use. For example, posting on third-party social media platforms through the site.
      • for reasons such as ensuring the security of the site.

Note: During the use of our Online Job Application Form, CV Upload and Contact Page cookies can be used to increase performance, ensure easy, fast, uninterrupted use and data transmission.

You can find details about how to manage, delete and prevent cookies through your browser under the “Cookie Management Information” heading.

The data you share with your own consent through the Online Job Application Form, CV Upload Form and Contact page on our site are used only depending on your relevant sharing topics.

This information is not shared with any third party person and institution.

You can contact us from our contact page regarding issues such as deletion, modification of this information or correction of errors.

We do not share any data we collect through cookies or form pages with third party people and institutions during your use of our site. All data, especially personal data provided through forms, are private between visitors and Aker Narrow Fabric.

We use the services of certain platforms such as Google, Yandex, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and etc. to collect analysis data of our site and also to offer some services on our site.

You can find details about how to manage, delete and prevent cookies through your browser under the “Cookie Management Information” heading.

The data generated by the site analysis as well as the form pages are kept for different periods depending on the legal obligations of the relevant issues and the desired result.

You can contact us at any time via our contact page to manage, delete, change or correct errors about your data.

According to PDPL and GDPR, your rights as data owners are as follows;

    • learning whether your personal data is processed,

    • requesting information if your personal data has been processed,
    • learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether it is used for the purpose,

    • to find out whether your personal data is transferred to third parties or institutions in Turkey or abroad,

    • asking for your personal data to be corrected in case of incomplete, incorrect or incorrect processing,

    • despite being processed in accordance with PDPL, GDPR and other related laws, requesting the erasure or destruction of your personal data due to the disappearance of the processing reasons,

    • requesting the removal of the misuses if the personal data is processed illegally.

You can contact us through the contact page of our site regarding your requests.

Depending on the browser you are using, you can manage cookies, block some or all, or delete them. Cookies-related settings must be made on each device. Cookie management of mobile devices can be done through device settings.

Useful links about the most used internet browsers and also personal privacy laws of Europe and Turkiye are shared below.

You can also get more detailed information from the About Cookies page.

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